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Staying Well Over the Holidays

Prevent the sniffles and aches that result from disrupted schedules and coach class with our all-natural carry-on, developed with assistance from Nan Futuronsky, director of the Kripalu Center’s Retreat.

1 “SOLAR RADIATION doubles every 6,500 feet of altitude,” says Fairechild. Boost your in-flight UV protection by drinking water with Emer’gen-C. It contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that studies have shown to protect cells from sun-induced DNA damage.

2 After deplaning, eat and sleep on local time to stave off JET LAG, suggests Fairechild. Or take one tablet of the homeopathic treatment No Jet-Lag, which contains Arnica montana, Bellis perennis, and Chamomilla, at takeoff and landing.

3 Too much caffeine can lead to DEHYDRATION, so skip the coffee and tea on your flight. For an added measure of safety, pack plenty of your own bottled water, such as volcano-derived Volvic. The Environmental Protection Agency recently found that tap water on 15 percent of aircrafts contained harmful bacteria.

4 Ward off plane-spread COLDS and FLU with Buddha Nose Immune Booster Spray and Salve, an aromatherapy prophylactic that contains lemon, clove, cinnamon, and ravensara essential oils to fight airborne viruses and germs.

5 Whether you’re suffering from MOTION SICKNESS or too much road-trip fare, sweetened ginger slices, like Reed’s crystallized ginger, can alleviate queasiness. Also, a study in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine found that taking slow, deep breaths reduces the symptoms of motion sickness.

6 Recycled air can leave you with a dull and HAGGARD COMPLEXION. To moisturize and refresh your skin, Futuronsky recommends spritzing your face and hands with rose water (10 drops of rose essential oil in 1.8 ounces of water) throughout the flight.

7 Crowds and close quarters can bring on a TENSION HEADACHE. To keep your body relaxed, rotate your shoulders and roll your head in each direction, says Futuronsky. When snoozing, cradle your neck in a supportive pillow. Try the buckwheat-filled Bucky U-shaped travel pillow.

8 OVERPACKED? Consolidate your aromatherapy needs with Soothing Sol’s Traveler Tote. It’s loaded with five essential oil blends that fight germs, calm your skin, keep you energized, relieve tension headaches, and settle a queasy stomach. All are contained in a space-saving zippered pouch.

9 Long flights and car rides can lead to blood clots in your legs, also known as DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS. To keep your blood flowing, wear below-the-knee elastic stockings on long journeys. That way you’ll be six times less likely to suffer DVT, according to an Italian study.